Original Indonesian food, Pempek Palembang

History Pempek (empek-empek)
Historically, there has pempek in Palembang since the entry of Chinese immigrants to Palembang, which is around the 16th century, when Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II ruled in Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. Pempek name or empek-empek believed to have originated from the term "stale", which is the name for the old man of Chinese descent.

Based on folklore, about the year 1617 a 65-year-old musty living in the assembly area (banks of Musi River) are concerned about witnessed abundant catch of fish in the River Musi. The catch is it has not been entirely put to good use, was limited to fried and dipindang. The stale then try other treatment alternatives. He minced fish meat mixed with tapioca flour, so that the resulting new foods. The new food sold by the musty with cycling around the city. Therefore, the seller was called "the em ... stale", then the food came to be known as pempek or empek-empek.

At first pempek belida made ​​from fish. However, with the increasing scarcity and high prices belida fish, the fish is replaced with a cork fish that are cheaper, but with a savory flavor remains.

In further developments, also used other river fish species, such as fish putak, toman, and persuasion. Also used marine fish species such as mackerel, red snapper, machetes, yellow tail, and flatfish.
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