Typical food of Southeast Sulawesi


lapa-lapa is the typical food of Southeast Sulawesi, lapa-lapa has guri and good taste, especially kaholeonarore consumed by fish (salted fish) increased the selerah eat.
This culinary if in Java may be more familiar with the lepet / lepat, tetapai how to cook different lapa-lapa lepet / lepat because if lapa-lapa rice cooked together coconut milk, until half cooked and then removed. Then cooled, and then wrapped in a bale (leaf). After it boiled again until cooked. So that it feels more guri, lapa-lapanya steamed rather long.

More Typical food of Southeast Sulawesi: 

* Soami (Daerah Buton dan Wakatobi)
* Kambalu (Daera Wangi-wangi)
* Luluta (Daera Wangi-wangi)
* Heb'atu (Daera Wangi-wangi)
* Gule-gule (Daera Wangi-wangi)
* Susuru (Daera Wangi-wangi)
* Coto Makassar

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