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Arsik is one of the typical dishes are popular Tapanuli region. This dish is also known as carp yellow spice. Carp is the main ingredient, which is in preparation are not discarded scales.
Arsik very distinctive flavoring, contains several components that are typical of the mountainous region of North Sumatra, as andaliman and cikala acid (fruit kecombrang), in addition to herbs typical of the archipelago are common, such as galangal and lemongrass. Grinded spices smeared on the body of the fish for a while. Fish and then cooked with a little oil and low heat until slightly dry.


Lemang is a meal of sticky rice cooked in bamboo, having previously rolled up with a piece of banana leaf. Roll of bamboo leaves contain rice flour mixed with coconut milk is then inserted into the bamboo seruas and burned until cooked. Lemang more delicious eaten warm. How to take lemang differ from area to area. There are people who love to enjoy the sweet way (jam, syrup of palm sugar, serikaya) or by salty (rendang, egg, and other side dishes), or some are eating with fruits like durian.
Lemang used by the Dayak celebration of food served in their traditional feasts. For the Malays, lemang usually eaten as Eid or Eid al-Adha. Minangkabau people also like lemang, even cities such as High Cliff is known by the nickname "City of Lemang". Lemang also a native Negrito food that is in Kelantan and Semai tribe.

Lapis Legit

Spekkoek or lapis legit is a kind of cake made from flour and egg batter. Generally spekkoek yellow and brown. Spikoek can be decorated and served as a cake for special occasions.

Kwetiau is a kind of white Chinese noodles made ​​from rice. Can be fried or cooked food berkuah.Kwetiau is quite popular in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and other places inhabited by many descendants Tionghoa.Kwetiau citizens generally synonymous with ethnic Hokkien and Tio Ciu.Dalam spread in Indonesia, Hokkien ethnic and Tio ciu differ in terms of the presentation of many Hokkien kwetiau.Etnis dwells on Sumatra is famous for taking field Shahe fen fish meatball, and Tio ciu ethnic bebek.Sedangkan eggs are much dwelt in Borneo is famous for wearing Shahe fen cow beef and offal such as tripe. in the development of new variants emerged, known as Shahe fen flush.

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