Marion Jola xx Indonesian Idol Elimination

ALL ABOUT INDONESIA - The name Marion Jola, a girl of 17 years, from Kupang, NTT, Central rose leaves. Thanks to its participation in the event of Indonesian Idol, Lala, sapaannya, managed to steal the attention of judges and the netizen.

The ideal posture, handsome face, and distinctive voice, be capital Marion advance to semis of Indonesian Idol stage. Some fans predicting Marion able to penetrate the big five even bear the title of The Next Indonesian Idol.

The higher the tree, the more blustery wind blows. Not long ago the world fame elections caused entertainment, Marion Jola tripped case scandal video mesum similar suspected him. Until this news was revealed, there has been no official clarification from Marion. He just reacted with the comment feature closes the account of Instagramnya, after flooded with comments warganet.

The police finally intervene to investigate video mesum similar Marion Jola. The video is not circulating in the viral senoh and dragging the name of Marion Jola inasmuch as women in the video.

Marion Jola is a young singer who now participate in the program talent in the world pull votes. Marion itself has been clarified, if he is not the women who are in a nasty video.

However, the police will still be doing the investigation against the release of a video that had horrendous community.
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