Irine Septiani Indonesian Idol Elimination

Indonesian Idol audition number sort 125414
ALL ABOUT INDONESIA- Indonesian Idol this year 2018 are indeed provide a special surprise to everyone. Not only the audience but also the jury. This time with the presence of shocked Judika made a participant named Septiani Irine. This beautiful woman is apparently backing vocals Judika. Unbeknownst to her, Irine follow Indonesian Idol.

The participation of any other juror utilized Irine to scrape about Judika. Including destination Irine Indonesian Idol competition. Irine admitted to comfortable indeed collaborating with the singer because Judika not ferociously and no perfectionist. However, he would like to perform on stage. Not always only sings in the back near the drum.

Irine figure is quite a steal attention because besides being beautiful, she voiced melodious. Since following the Indonesian Idol,
Here are the photos like a professional model :

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