Ayu Putri Sundari Indonesian Idol Elimination

ALL ABOUT INDONESIA -  Ayu Putri Sundari born Cilegon 19 years ago it got the stage name Ayu  after himself joining the Community in one of the Applications Live Streaming. Not only can sing, She is also adept at playing several musical instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, drums, keyboards, flute and harmonica. He is now again a study in one of the Prestigious Campus in the city of Yogyakarta majoring in Music Publisher.

Let me know more yuk refer below: Participants of women's islamic from Yogyakarta on this one has been stealing public attention since its appearance in Indonesian Idol auditions.

She is the Ayu Putri Sundari, student presentation of music one of the universities in Yogyakarta.
The time of auditions, the girls are familiar accosted Ayu sang Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes and lover the shadow belongs to Chakra Khan.
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