Ria Ricis Top Celebrity Instagram Indonesia

The name Ria Ricis (22) took flight this year. In Instagram, Ria Ricis has 7 million more followers. On YouTube, Ria Ricis has 2 million more subscribers. This year also, Ria Ricis spread wings to the big screen. He starred in Mars Met Venus and Celebrity in Instagram .

No wonder, if he called the highest income women's program this year. What is Ria's response? "That's the consequence (called the richest and so forth) .The key, thankful for anything that has been obtained this year," said Ria Ricis in Jakarta, this week.

Admittedly, this year sustenance obtained from the big screen and virtual universe abundant. However, Ria Ricis is reluctant to set a grandiose target next year. Even during a career, he never wrote specific targets.

"Obviously, I enjoy the process and hold the principle that every day should move," he added. Ria Ricis added, there are many things to be thankful for this year. One of them, a collaboration with YouTuber from the Philippines, Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle.
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