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Biography Oki Setiana Goddess The figure public figure this one probably is not foreign to our ears, the Muslim woman that beautiful is becoming known when he starred in a movie called "When Love hymn" is a film adaptation of the best-selling novel works of famous writers Habiburrahman el Syirazi. Wife of Ory Vitrio De Janeiro is currently active as a writer with works by best-seller, a speaker at various meetings as well as uztadzah in several national television programs. Oki Setiana Dewi was born in Batam on 13 January 1989. He was the eldest of three brothers who are all women. Oki old man named Sulyanto and Yunifah Lismawati which is a Java-blooded couples - Palembang. Since 2005, Oki family migrated and settled in Java, precisely in Depok. Oki himself completing his high school also in SMAN 1 Depok. When high school, Oki has always subscribed become champion. He also often represent their school in a variety of academic and non-academic competitions. Oki including smart student to be accepted at the University of Indonesia. Faculty of Humanities in 2012.

The actress with Muslim icon has inspired many teenagers homeland. He became the best student and excel in college as a freshman the best OKK UI 2007, the new student's best PSA MABIM FIB UI, 2007, as well as student achievement art UI FIB 2010. After a bachelor's degree, Oki be santriwati Tahfidzul program Qur'an at Home Quran located in Depok. Then, he studied Arabic at the University of Umm Al Qura in Makkah in 2012. His name became known to the public takkala he successfully portrayed Anna in the film "When Love hymn". Oki also always looks elegant and smart as well as religious. Before veiled, Oki had played in several television movie but then stopped because the producer does not allow players to wear the hijab. Oki also choose to stop rather than take off her headscarf. But it's all been replaced by God to make a woman Oki as a major player in film and KCB series.

The story Oki when he decided to wear the hijab is when the mother getting sick that the doctor said it has been difficult to cure. Hearing that Oki so very sad. He then decided to veiled in order to be closer to God and to pray fervently lebi both parents, especially her mother. Since then Oki wear headscarves. In addition to being an artist, he was also active as a writer with some title of his book, namely Painting Rainbow: Note Heart Oki Setiana Goddess, Million Rainbow: Pernik Love Oki Setiana Goddess, Light At The Top light Spiritual Journey Oki Setiana Goddess, Hijab I'm In Love, embrace Death, when Guru SD Ill. In his book Hijab I'm In Love, is his most different because he also released his first album with the title

Oki also often fill kemuslimahan seminars and youth. Oki also take the time to teach the Koran in the landfill for children and mothers. Oki also has its own community, namely Friends of Oki Setiana Goddess or SOSD who have had members thousands of people both in Indonesia and abroad. Together with the community, Oki DMKM promote activities that the mosque to mosque and also the program "Let the Koran, the Koran in the Heart" where implementation also touched Women Tangerang prison environment. Oki intelligence and achievement was also recognized when he was appointed as an ambassador for Children Home Autism (2012) and ambassador for Healthy and Safe by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, 2010. Oki Setiana Ory Vitrio goddess married to the businessman, on January 12, 2014 before undergoing taarof, Rio that a successful restaurant entrepreneur and friends with Dude Herlino and Teuke this Vishnu came to the residence of Oki Setiana Dewi to meet father Mr Sulyanto to ask Oki became his wife. And somehow, Arrival Male - lai which only makes Oki Setiana Dewi's father immediately responded well and accept the proposal of the rio, Karna's father menerut Oki that Rio man was polite and in line with Oki Setiana Goddess that his eldest daughter. Rio and Oki have a difference of about 7 years of age, and age differences are far enough away not preclude both to foster home. From his marriage then was born a beautiful daughter named Mary Nusaibah Abdullah, Maryam Nusaibah Abdullah or what is often called Ustadzah Maryam by Oki is very lively and energetic, Yang said the husband Oki that Mariam like it when called Ustadzah Mary. Biodata Complete Artist Oki Setiana Dewi Name : Oki Setiana Goddess of Birth: January 13 1989 in Batam, Indonesia. Occupation: actress Motivator Muslimah Writers Pairs: Ory Vitrio Parents: Sulyanto (father), Yunifah Lismawati (mother) 
When the Mix (2008)
When the Mix 2 (2009)
Soap opera
When the Mix Special Ramadan
When the Mix Achieved Divine Ridho
Of Sujud Ke Sujud
Children of Man
Rainbow paint; Heart notes Oki Setiana Goddess: 2011
Million Rainbow; Pernik Oki Setiana Love Goddess: 2012
Light Above the light; Spiritual journey Oki Setiana Goddess: 2012
Hijab I'm In Love: 2013
The embrace of Death: 2013
When Master SD Pain
Best Female Newcomer Award 2010 Indonesian Movie
New Arrivals Women Favorite Indonesian Movie Award 2010

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