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Tri Retno Prayudati better known as Nunung OVJ, he was born in Solo, Central Java, April 5, 1964. The comedians with a little fat body, He is a comedian who had joined the comedy group Srimulat. Name Nunung soared through the soap opera Si Doel Anak the School. received an award from the event Anugerah Panasonic Award 1999 with the title of Favorite Female Comedy Actress, Nunung now actively playing in a comedy Opera Van Java. Nunung is the third child of seven children who had failed in his first two marriages. Both ex-husband nunung younger. Her first husband, Daniel Setyadi, aged 8 years younger, while the second husband, Rohani Widodo, adrift nearly 12 years. Nunung work as well as the mother of Good (21 years old) and son (8 years).

Nunung the career of comedy group Srimulat obstacles that I faced many obstacles to become successful as they are now. Nunung tried to apply from the comedy group to another comedy group proposal eventually culminate in Srimulat comedy group. Nunung ngelawak did not come from a script, but it comes from the heart and from the teamwork that is needed. Because then Nunung get satisfactory results with this hobby. The way it is, try the children had said in private face to face, so that later created a professional work results. And later on stage do not feel the burden or awkward at work. Although my career journey barrier face many obstacles, remained steadfast in Nunung try to deal with it and Nunung feel grateful for this moment with what Nunung get. Because nunung had won the award Panasonic Award 1999 under the category of Favorite Female Comedy Actress. This is all just my career journey that must nunung grateful. Current active nunung play in comedy Opera Van Java, Nunung does look the most different in
Among other ovj players because nunung was the only female comedian in ovj. Opera Van Java event fronted by Parto Patrio as a puppeteer, Rina as sinden, and supported players remain as Sule Steven, Olga Syaputra, Aziz Stuttering, Andre Stinky, Nunung and various guest stars are always changing every episode. Character of each character in each episode are diverse but do not leave the characters that have been inherent in their self -masing the player. Sule characterized as a driver of a team that often gets the main character. Olga character is also a major player who often swapped the lead role with Sule. The plays are played usually on folklore Indonesia is modified, the story of one's career are well known, fiction, ghost stories, stories from other countries, or the story of stuff that are popular. OVJ uniqueness is done with improvised jokes and relying mastermind guide, but always messy because comedians certainly deviated from the outline of which was read mastermind. If it so, the puppeteer himself will intervene with the feeling annoyed at being ignored. He eventually come up to the stage and watched the story, often interfering or even are mocked. References
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