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Biography Nike Ardilla. Formerly it was known as the Queen of Rock Indonesia during his lifetime. Women whose full name  Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla Kusnadi or known as the  Nike Ardilla was born in Bandung, West Java, December 27, 1975 from the couple R. Eddy Kusnadi and Nining Ningsihrat. Since childhood began his career by attending various festivals singing in Bandung, until then he was discovered by music producer Deddy Dores. His musical career in the entertainment world began. In 1987, his mother brought Nike Ardilla to the Indonesian Association of Artists Singer Musicians (HAPMI) care Djadjat Paramor. There he met with the Deni Pockets, singing teacher, and Deni Sabrie who later became his manager.

Deni Pockets and Sabrie introduced at the Deddy Dores. Deddy made ​​some songs for the first album, titled Nike beam of light which sold more than 500,000 copies. Previous Deddy Dores also briefly unite Nike with two students named Deni Deni Deddy and Angels together Cut Irna and Lady Avisha. The following year Nike released his second album titled Life Star are getting tremendous response, and were sold with a fantastic number, which is 2 million units Furthermore, Nike released albums that became a best seller. Nike Ardilla last record album titled his life when Sandiwara Love sold to break the 3 million copies and five million copies season. Nike Ardilla career in the world of acting is also running smoothly. Nike playing movie starring Kasmaran also by Ida Iasya and Slamet Rahardjo, 1987. It is also the main character in the film Ricky Nakalnya Anak Muda with the late Ryan Hidayat in 1990 and continues to bear the films box office throughout the period of the late 80's and early 90s. Nike Ardilla was also successful in several soap operas. Apart from being a singer and movie star, Nike Ardilla also began her career as a model. Favorite proved to be a winner in the event COVER GIRL 1990. Since the release of their debut album in 1989. The name Nike Ardilla dipenghujung entry kejajaran top artists and taken into account. Deni Sabri Nike Ardilla Management was preparing to become a multi-talented artist, the initial formation of Nike Ardilla be an artist is prepared to replace Cut Irna famous as a model, Mariam Belina top movie star, and a '80s rock diva Nicky Astria. So according to Deni, Nike is the fusion of Nicky Astria, Meriam Belina, and Cut Irna. Even before their debut album success in the market, Nike has been involved in the production of some of the movie box office in its time and activities related to modeling and show in areas of Aceh to Papua. 1990 was the beginning of the dominance of Nike Ardilla in the entertainment world with respect to the commercial success of Life Star album sold 2,000,000 units. Followed by the election of Nike Ardilla sabagai Favorite Cover Girl model in a very prestigious event. The concert schedule for each full year, appearing at events celebrities and awards show, starred in dozens of box office movies, commercials, magazine covers, etc. Award Nike Ardilla Even when the artist films a lot plunged into a soap opera, the name Nike Ardilla still be guaranteed a high rating for soap opera viewers who watched. Nike Ardilla career may literally relatively brief 1989-1995, only 6 years old. But in the short period of his career so brilliant. Dominance in the music industry makes a lot of singers who try to follow the footsteps of his career was forced to be the underdog and Nike remain in front. Awards in the music industry for best-selling album category are always won, a Nicky Astria and Anggun also can do little to make. Even the best-selling album in the history of music Anggun, elders taro defeated in the event the BASF Awards 1990 for Best Selling Album won Nike Ardilla for Star album Life. Do not stop the music just where concerts and albums Nike sold well, the film industry homeland was do not want to miss using Nike Ardilla as the main character in the movie-film. 

Dozens of movie box office generated Nike, even the best-selling local movie starring Kabayan who Paramitha Rusadi as the main female character is replaced by Nike Ardilla evidence of domination and how popularnya Nike. Even in soap operas with high rating landing sutrada Putu Wijaya, Mitha appear only as a guest star in two episodes of the soap opera titled NONE where Nike is the main actor. Dozens of ads had been produced Nike Ardilla. Seeing that it is worth Nike Ardilla dominance is indisputable. The dominance unbeaten not only in the realm of competition in music, movies, and models only. But Nike Ardilla is an artist who dominates magazine / tabloid / newspaper gossip that time. When the artists of his generation wanted to follow the footsteps of success. Nike name may still be a guarantee salable news. What Nike and Nike do not always reported, gossip lying about drug until lesbian headlines. But not about that, his performance also continues to be the talk of the media at that time. Queen Rock Indonesia For Indonesian rock singer and he was dubbed the Queen of Rock Indonesia (Queen of Indonesian Rock) or lady rocker. Nike Ardilla is a singer, movie stars, models, commercials and the most successful artists in all fields of entertainment. And in Indonesia there has been no other successful people in all fields of entertainment. Although already died but still productive Nike Ardilla released the album, although the album is still the same, just change the cover alone. During the history of entertainment Indonesia, only Nike Ardilla the only artist who received the highest honor in which every date of birth and death is always celebrated. Arguably only Nike Ardilla artist with great influence in the entertainment industry Indonesia and even Asia. Nike Ardilla name may be aligned with Bruce Lee. The death Nike Ardilla On March 19, 1995, approximately at 06.15 am Nike Ardilla killed in a single accident. Honda Civic metallic blue plate D 27 AK hit a concrete fence garbage bins on the street RE. Martadinata. It is estimated that Nike was killed instantly, but witnesses who were around the accident site said that Nike had not died during the incident, only on the way to the hospital Nike died. Nike suffered severe injuries to the head and bruises on his chest. Nike who was with his manager, Sofiatun, just back from the discotheque Polo. Negative issues surrounding the death growing among states that Nike driving a car with a drunk, but then the news was denied by the family and the key witness to the accident. Sofiatun said Nike just drink orange juice. Results of post mortem police said did not find the level of alcohol in the body Nike. There is confusion about the time of death Nike Ardilla, according to witnesses the incident occurred at 3 am, but other witnesses said that the accident occurred at 5:45 am, official reports say that the time of occurrence is at 06.15 morning. Nike Ardilla was buried that same evening, escorted by thousands of fans together with the artists. 

Indonesian entertainment world horrendous death, mourned the fans until a few days after his death is still loyal Nike Ardilla was in residence. According to the joint Atun Nike was in the car, on the way home Nike driving a car without wearing a seatbelt. Nike car trying to overtake the red car in front of him that runs very quietly. But when overtaking, the car appeared from the opposite direction sped Taft, Taft Nike directly to avoid the car and swerved too far to the left that hit a tree and bounced directly hit a concrete fence garbage bins in the office of Private Enterprises in the RE. Sana, and Nike last breath. Shortly after his death Nike Ardilla name actually looming. There is continuing talk about Nike Ardilla. Asia Week magazine interprets Nike in a sentence satire "In Dead She soared" or "In Death She Shines". Every year thousands of fans joined in Nike Ardilla fanclub perform a special ritual on March 19 and December 27, which is a pilgrimage to the tomb and organized the event in memory of Nike such as playing movies Nike

and sing songs in Bandung Nike, place of birth and place of the death of Nike. A museum is also established in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung. All Nike items stored there, such as the clothes he wore during the incident and replica Nike Ardilla room. In addition, almost all the songs of the album recording Nike successfully obtained an award, especially in terms of sales. In a relatively short span of time, he succeeded in developing so much popularity and fanaticism of fans even beyond what is obtainable famous singer who has been acting for decades in the world. In West Sulawesi there is a restaurant with the name of Eating Nike Ardila located in Wonomulyo, Polewali Mandar. Every day, the restaurant is playing the songs Nike. Biodata Profile Nike Ardilla Full Name: Raden Nike Ratnadilla Name Small: Nike, Neng, Keke, Amoy name familiar / artist: Nike Astrina Nike Ardilla Place & Date of Birth: Bandung, December 27, 1975 Religion: Islam Education: Kindergarten Ade Irma Suryani - Bandung, SD VII Kiara Lean - Bandung, SMP 30 Bandung, SMU BPI 1 Bandung, School Of Publick Relations Lippo Center Bandung. Name of parents: (alm) R. Eddy Kusnadi & Nining Ningsihrat Number of siblings: three brothers two boys (Sonny Prinadi and Yudi Seren) Hobby: Music, swimming, badminton. Height and weight: 1.68 meters - 47 kg Favorite food: Hamburgers, Noodle meatballs, fried Jengkol favorite drink: Coca Cola, Yoghourt favorite artist: Marilyn Monroe Died: March 19th, 1997 Records
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