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 Mellyana Ayala Hoed, more familiar with the call stage Melly Goeslaw was born January 7, 1974, daughter of the couple ersi sukaesih and (Alm) Melky Ayala and wife of Anto Hoed has successfully created many songs, including a song titled "If" where Melly Goeslaw duet with Ari Lasso, followed by success created the song "Counting The Days" hosted by Kiyani as well as the song "Heart of the Chosen", performed by Rossa, and immediately received a warm welcome from the public. Additionally together with her ​​husband she founded the group mussik Portrait.

Melly embraced Islam after get married with Anto in 1995 ago. Now they have two sons. Their first child son man Hoed (Ale) was born on August 22, 2000, followed by their second child Men Named Hoed (Abe), who was born May 9, 2003. In addition to already orbiting many singers Joey Ayala is a very great composer, he was able to create a song - the song is no less great, as dialbum first solo "melly", Melly took Ari Lasso for a duet with her, and the song titled "If", the song was a success in the market. after 3 years fakum dihiburan country music, Joey Ayala got an offer soundtrack accompanied by her husband, Anto Hoed. His first soundtrack "What's With Love" which have got huge success in Indonesia, and soundtracknyapun also well known in many countries one of Malaysia, like the song "My Happiness", "denting", "What's With Love?", Etc ,. After a great success, Joey Ayala got the soundtrack that is not less success, "Eiffel ... I'm In Love", Melly Goeslaw able to keep up with the movie soundtrack with hits like "Pujaanku", "Tak Tahan Lagi", etc, , And after 5 years of not making a solo album (2004), Joey Ayala issued a solo album-2 is titled "Intuition", not Joey Ayala's name if there is no soundtrack, dialbum that there are three songs that made ​​the soundtrack and the single from that album also , such as "About Him", "Love" and "Let

Just this flow. "Not long ago released his solo album 2nd, Melly got the soundtrack again, titled" What Is Love? ", in this soundtrack Melly invite friends duet length is Ari Lasso to be a companion soundtrack in a single first that song titled "What Is Love?". And the second single is equally successful with the first single is "I'm Fallin 'In Love". The next Ditahun Melly Goslaw gets soundtrack again, the film is phenomenal, "My Heart." But unfortunately Melly Goeslaw not sing, Joey Ayala and Anto Hoed only be konmposer / Creator of all the songs that are inside, and the single was very successful in the market titled "My Heart". Ditahun next Joey Ayala made ​​a solo album All 3 is titled "Mindnsoul ", and an album collection of songs - songs Melly dialbum before, and the album was issued 3 new songs and 3 singles success in the market such as the song" Let's Dance Together "," Hanging "and" Worried ". Soon Joey Ayala and her husband get the soundtrack titled "The Butterfly", his single success but unfortunately Melly Goeslaw only issued one single course is, "Butterfly". 1 year without soundtrack Melly Goelaw get the soundtrack again entitled "When Love hymn" the film was phenomenal and Melly issued the single "When Love hymn", "God Give me Love" sung by Ayushita, and "Waiting for Love" sung by Kiyani. The next year Melly Goeslaw get 3 Soundtrack well as the "Heart 2 Heart", "Kabayan So Millionaires", and "Love Story". Since then Melly Goeslaw often called by the nickname "" The Queen Soundtrack "" because has worked on approximately 10 Soundtrack with her ​​husband, Anto Hoed. 

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