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Women blooded Chinese , Sundanese, and the Netherlands since 2006 has been active in the world of modeling initial talks fell in love with the culinary world . And it was berujar that modeling world and the world of cooking meet in the same time period . " Modelling is really a hobby, but I have to have something that can grow for the future and can be held in your old age . And terciptalah factory Chef 's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry is , "said the woman who was born in Jakarta on 9 August . And he also admitted that he had very close to the culinary world since childhood because of his family background that all master cook and expert in making this cake . " Modelling it is a pleasure , but i have another passion that is in the world of cooking , " he continued .

Beautiful and sexy chef who has a full name is Chitra Chrysansia ever learn Artistiq Sugarcraft Cake Decorating in Singapore , after which it was trained ability in the world is a self-taught cook . With two colleagues , he shall build Chef 's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry 's . Never tired to keep trying and work best recipes , it also proves everything will never end free . " We have to start something even if the result is not good , but at least I used to be zero. At least I've learned something and knowledge is never a waste, "she says .

Women who patronized stars Leo 's dreamed of owning a farm , "I have of handling farm , where people can come , a vehicle in which education in the elementary , elementary, junior high school or even college already . There area cooking class and I can teach them to cook using ingredients that can be taken from the farm itself. Well, people dream cans , "says Chitra is not stingy to share this knowledge with others .

In addition to cooking it occupies in the world also have other hobbies , following tuturnya " I'm very creative , i like to create something , I love to write , love to design . I love dessert , each finished eating should be ' rinse ' . I am a dessert girl haha ... " It also has to be a chef in the program Says Doctor is displayed on Jak TV every Saturday and Sunday at 20.30 pm , guided by Lula Kamal and Dr. . Boyke .

Talking about the happiness it was berujar , " Happiness is relative , there are people happy with the shopping , there are happy with the work , there is a happy by cooking like me , cooking is a therapy for me I'm happy when I'm cooking . Just be happy that you're free to be as simple and do not think too much , just do it! . If you wanna be happy , do not stress to much, just be Thankful with what you have right now . You-can- breath every morning, you -can-eat is a Blessings and so you have to say thanks, "he said twinkle - twinkle .

The key to success is to have it today I 've achieved to escape from work , prayer , and love . Chef Chitra share with you about the life and career success , "If you already start something , if you already there, and you feel like you no ni stuck going nowhere their rich , do not give up! . I swear to God strainer if you start all over again from whatever it is right to start again ? So , for me there is no shortcut for me in life there is no shortcut . Missing an instant , we have to work , there is no starting as a gold plate , if you wanna rich, there is no express train , so it must work, work, work . That 's the reallity , if you wanna be Successful and happy in the same time , work and be Thankful for everything that's it! It also adds to life as a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Eat, Pray , Love , " Gotta Eat means you enjoy were you eating , pray in Whatever you doing ga can last from prayer and God , and love , caring for everybody, caring for yourself , love yourself and love everybody , so very simple as that. "

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