Nikita Not Last of Eye Sight

Feels different this time at the photo shoot , no joy , no deg - degannya , because this time the MEN team gets a chance to do a photoshoot session with sexy women who are known for doing vulgar scenes , Nikita Mirzani . Although Champion Male Emporium Magazine Cover Girl in 2009 was admitted to the trouble to get up early , but for the sake of professionalism , recently married woman with an Iraqi man named Sajad Ukra it arrive on time to face sumringah bodycone wrapped with patterned dress fashion item colorful .

The woman who was born in Jakarta on March 17, 1986 , it turns out is a dazzling figure in our eyes . This is why on his profile this time our theme " The sparkling lady " because since setting foot in location shooting that took place at an old hotel , the figure could not be separated from the eye . Demeanor turns this friendly too crowded and that makes us so readily familiar with the figure of celebrities who 've locked horns with some of these celebrities .

In between photo shoots he share his dreams with us , how he wants to be successful as a celebrity and a wife . Become more advanced in the future as well as reaching out internationally in all areas . Talking about going international team of MEN get leaks about his involvement in the production of an advertisement in foreign countries, but when the confirmation about Nikita simply replied " There deh .. essentially still a secret , wait on the game , he .. he .. " . Instantly beautiful dreamy eyes and then tell the current motivation to work harder , share more with what he already has with people in need. Due to remember the vision and mission , later this encouragement that will make it keep moving and always forward thinking . Women who spends his spare time with the gym , swimming , reading , walking , shopping , and this salon to prefer a casual style " Especially when I'm at home , at least if there is a specific event or events that require me to perform dress -up , I will adjust to the show " he said . Not hypocritical woman who did not want to look perfect , Nikita also love to shop leading brands such as Channel , Hermes , Prada , Dior , Bottega Veneta , and Christian Louboutin brand is a series of lined inside his closet .

When asked his impression MEN team when the first time shooting with us , vigorously Niki says " Fun ! cool - cool photos of her , I am very satisfied seeing the end result ! "

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