East Papuan Indonesian food

Papeda or sago porridge, is a staple food of Maluku and Papua. These foods are found in almost all areas in Maluku and Papua.
Papeda made ​​from corn starch. The creators of the population in the interior of Papua. Sago flour is made by tapping the stem of sago. Trees are good for making sago tree is between the ages of three to five years.
At first cut staple sago. Cob then squeezed to extract the starch out. Obtained from the quintessence of pure corn starch ready to be processed. Corn starch is then stored in a tool called Tumang.
Papeda usually eaten with yellow sauce, made ​​from tuna or fish mubara and spiced turmeric and lime.

Here's another list of the names of the Eastern Papua specialties:


* Ikan Bakar Manokwari
* Aunu
* Ikan Bungkus
* Anuve Habre
* Ikan Kuah Kuning
* Aunu Senebre
* Eurimoo

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