Clothing styles Risty Tagor With Hijab Two Colour

In Indonesia Who does not know the figure Risty Tagor? Beautiful woman who has recently increasingly frequent use of the hijab has recently performed with fresh fashion hijab increasingly alone.

While following the current trend, the pretty one is using two sets of clothes typical of today's hijab in two beautiful shades. But the combination of fashion and hijab that it could be used like ya tips for you who like to mix and match veils.

Muslim fashion first of Risty Tagor is to use bright colors such as yellow and brown that gives a cheerful hue. Risty prefer the model of a loose maxi skirt and shirt are too loose.
Even so, Risty still look pretty with hijab two matching color. And, when considered, it looks like the two color hijab style tagor Risty will begin to demolish the market because of the unique impress and make a more understated appearance. In order not to give the impression of pale, Risty using non hijab inner ninja dark magenta color, adjust the shoes with purple shades.

Muslim fashion both using shades are more soothing. Suitable for you who like style calm. By combining two colors turquoise hijab and purple, as well as using the inner veil of fresh blue sky, Risty using maxi skirt motif turquoise color combination of blue and a gray cuff quite fit in the body.
Risty Tagor is'm starting a business in the fashion world, especially the Muslim fashion. Well, for those of you who became fans Risty Tagor, ya might try Risty style hijab ideas.

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