Animal Island In Indonesia

Indonesia has 5 islands into some kind of wildlife habitat. The islands were named after the animal became the occupants. In addition to its uniqueness as a home for animals, nature is also interesting to explore. You can divide the forest trekking to explore the crystal clear waters. The following 5 Indonesian island inhabited by animals:

1. Rinca Island, NTT

With about 2 hours drive north of Labuan Bajo, you will arrive at Rinca Island, West Flores, NTT. The majority who live on this island is the Komodo dragon. There are many more dragons on Rinca Island in Komodo Island instead!

Trekking to explore the savannah and foothill traveler favorite activities there. Why, that's when you'll meet the Ancient Dragon is running or just shut up. Not hard to find dragons on this island. Of the hill up on its shores, the animals are free to roam anywhere.

Regulation is important in this island tourists have continued with a ranger or guide. Never far and obey every rule given ranger when traveling. In addition, women who are menstruating are prohibited setting foot on the island. Why dragons are very keen sense of smell and potential for attack. Hii!

2. Komodo Island, West Java

If NTT has island contains dragons, different again to the island of Komodo in Indramayu, West Java. As the name implies, this island is home to many lizards. With mangrove forest in the middle of the island, it's no wonder many lizards that occupy this island. The size is also diverse, there are small, medium, to large. Whew!

From the Port of Indramayu, it takes 4-5 hours to get to the island that is home to the lizard. You will see this reptile wandering on the beach, in the woods, up in its waters. You should remain vigilant when meeting these animals, even though they are not aggressive. You should be wary of the blade tail!

Komodo island also has exotic nature. Surrounding the crystal clear waters will tempt you to dive. Wide variety of marine fish and beautiful corals will you find under the water. There is no human being who lives on this island, there are only a few local guides. You can rent a bungalow to spend the night there. Interested?

3. Flower Island, South Kalimantan

Flower Island is located in the middle of the Barito River, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Although located in the middle of the river, the island is actually inhabited by hundreds of long-tailed monkeys. Lush forest with tall trees towering into a comfortable home for the playful animal.

From the edge of the pier, you will see monkeys travelers who are waiting to come. Indeed, usually tourists who come here always bring a banana or other food for animals proficiency level. The monkeys will readily take food from your hand. The monkeys here are not nosy, but make sure your valuables are stored right in the bag.

Behavior of the monkeys became witty treat for tourists. You can see those who were climbing in a tree, carrying children, to fight with each other. Some monkeys will climb to your shoulder. However, you should not enter into the deeper parts of the forest. Why, there more monkeys and its size was larger. Hii!

4. Kalong Island, NTT

In addition to the island of Rinca and Komodo island, there is one more island in NTT are inhabited by wildlife. Located about an hour from Labuan Bajo, Kalong Island became home to thousands of bats. They were hanging in the trees in each mangrove forest and flying together when the day into evening.

Oops, apparently tourists are prohibited entry into the island. Why, Kalong Island is also home to many python or python. Local people had no one dares to go to this island. They had believed, if one goes into this island, it will be difficult to get out again.

However, the island is also stole the hearts of traveler. At 18:00 to 19:00 pm is the best time to stop in front of the island. From there, there are thousands of bats that come out of the island to the island of Flores. Orange sunset sky landscape decorated by the bat will make anyone upset. You are on the nest as Batman!

5. Snake Island, NTB

As the name implies, the island is filled with hundreds if not thousands of sea snakes. Just imagine, on this island there are hundreds of snakes that live in the wild without any security!

Do not be afraid! That said, the snakes on the island is very tame. Never once did no tourists were injured because of the snakes on the island. The snakes that inhabit the island is very unique and friendly to tourists. Sure, traveled to the island will be very exciting and fun.

Snake Island area including the Oi Beach Caba, NTB. The island is also an attraction for tourists. Here the traveler can hold, take pictures, and play with hundreds or even thousands of snakes that live on this island. Her skin is white, silver and black looks shiny because of the sunlight. Bold?

Fifth of the island can be your next trip destination. There is a sense of curiosity, exotic nature that is still virgin, to heart pounding at the sight of these animals up close.
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