Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Open Doors World

So far, not a little fashion show was held. But most fashion fashion show still treats just as imaging and lifestyle. Little is focused on industry issues.
Moreover, only few are able to master industrial designer fashion. They usually only managed to create a masterpiece, but it has a drawback in marketing. Or, how to find buyers, not just locally but internationally, to penetrate the world market.

Seeing this background, IFW present to provide answers to the challenges facing the Indonesian fashion industry today. By IFW, trying to raise a more serious fashion, making it an industry, not just trade, as Moses said Widyatmodjo as IFW advisory board some time ago.


"The fashion industry is the second largest sector should be developed. This is a very good potential. And look at IFW 2013 fashion show in terms of the stage of his course has risen more broadly, "said Mari Elka Pangestu as Menpakeraf, while opening IFW 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

How the development of the fashion industry in Indonesia? "In 2010, the contribution of the creative economy to the GDP of Rp 473 trillion. In 2012 the number increased to Rp 524 trillion. By percentage, fashion contributes 7% to national GDP. Meanwhile, employment in the fashion industry in 2012 reached 3.8 million people from 11, 8 million workers, "said Menparekraf.
Seeing this, the government joined in the enthusiastic support of the development of Indonesian fashion. This visible backing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, and the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, will have had a pioneering program for Indonesian fashion to become one of the fashion centers of the world in 2025.

"As a first step, Indonesia targeted fashion will dominate the Asian market in 2015, as well as the control of Muslim fashion market globally by 2020. Indonesian fashion products target market. Target market is a fashion product ASEAN, particularly Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, "said Mari.

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